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Siskiyou County, California

One of the three northernmost counties in the state, Siskiyou County's history stretches back before human beings began recording events that seemed important to them at the time. Mountains were formed in a variety of ways including volcanic activity and the best known of Siskiyou's mountains, Mount Shasta, is an excellent place to start learning about this primal force.

There are numerous lakes in Siskiyou County and six different rivers crisscross the land with a number of impressive waterfalls along the way. A rich variety of animal life abounds in the forests and grasslands and some of the most important wildlife refuges in the state are located in the northeastern corner of the county. The Great Pacific Flyway passes over the county and brings millions of birds to the Tule Lake area every year.

Modoc Indians roamed the mountains and forests before Euro-American prospectors began scrabbling in the county's river beds for gold in the middle of the nineteenth century. Following close behind the prospectors were wagon loads of settlers looking for land. They were part of the great Western migration and Siskiyou County was on one branch of the Oregon Trail. Those that found their land here established small self-sufficient farms and ranches. When the railroad was built, agricultural produce and lumber became very important economic mainstays for the area.

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