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Shasta County, California

Quite frankly I have always been confused about the naming of the northern counties in California. It would seem logical to me that the county possessing Mount Shasta would be named Shasta County, but that is not the way it turned out. To make things even more complicated, Shasta County has its own volcano and it is no slouch either. Mount Lassen Volcano is located in Shasta County and it would seem logical that if you were going to name the county after your big mountain, the place ought to be named Lassen County, but once again that is not the way it is. Mount Lassen is in Shasta County and Mount Shasta is in Siskiyou County.

In addition to beautiful mountains and forests, Shasta County has a number of spectacular lakes, rivers, and waterfalls and an abundance of wildlife. Shasta Lake is the largest lake in the state and is known as the Houseboat Capital of the World. There are a number of wonderful reminders of the early history of the state in the small towns of the county and several very important state historic parks. Shasta County is also the location of Redding, one of the largest cities in Northern California and a good place to find the big city amenities and supplies that usually can not be found in small communities.

Shasta CountyShasta County

Shasta CountyShasta CountyShasta County

Shasta County
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