San Antonio

The City

San Antonio is the county seat for Bexar County and one of the more populous cities in the country. The 2010 census counted over 1.3 million people in the city proper. It has a very long history stretching back at least ten millennia. This rich and colorful past has encompassed a number of different influences including the ones represented by these six shields. Top to bottom, left to right they represent Spain, France, Mexico, Independent Texas, the Confederate States, and the United States of America. This does not include the several Native American cultures that predated all of these nor does it speak to the Clovis culture that predated even those peoples.


Like most American cities, San Antonio has a personality all it's own. It is an interesting melange of cultural influences that results in a unique character different in every way from other places that you might have visited. This uniqueness is expressed in it's food, music, prose, poetry, politics and in the very structure of the city itself. San Antonio does not look like, sound like, or smell like any other place on earth. It is also a very well developed community with everything that the tourist requires in the way of basic amenities such as restaurants, hotels, shopping, museums, transportation, attractions, etc. Those that are interested in history will find plenty to interest them stretching back centuries. It is definitely a city worth visiting and it is a city that has kept it's historic heart viable. By all means, stay in the inner city when you visit, unless you have some specific reason to park the car elsewhere.