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South Africa

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The Birds

All of the pictures in the Bird Section were taken during our nine day trip to South Africa. I am not an experienced birder, but I am trying to learn as much as I can about these fantastic creatures. I have identified them to the best of my ability and recognize that I may well have gone astray on at least a few of them. I will welcome any help that I can get from those that are better versed in the shifting sands of taxonomy.

Guinea FowlFork-tailed DrongoAfrican Fish Eagle

Crowned LapwingAfrican Ground HornbillStork

Laughing DoveHamerkopAfrican White Backed Vulture

African Grey heronSpoonbillPectoral Sandpiper

Blacksmith LapwingEgyptian GooseRedbill Hornbill

lilac breasted rollerSpotted Eagle OwlGo Away Bird

Woodland KingfisherWooly Neck StorkBateleur

White Face DuckHadada IbisRainbird

Yellowbill HornbillStarlingSunbird

Turtle DoveRed-billed Ox Pickerblackheaded oriole

arrowmarked babblerbearded woodpeckerBrownhooded kingfisher

malachite kingfisherdarkcapped bulbulrecrested korhaan

wahlberg's eaglevioletbacked starlingtawny eagle

franklinLong-tailed Paradise WhydahLong-tailed Paradise Whydahredheaded weaver

Yellow Weaverthree-banded PloverLong-tailed Shrike

Karoo Korhaan



Arrowmarked Babbler | Bateleur | Blackheaded Oriole | Blacksmith Lapwing | Brownhooded Kingfisher
Cape Turtle Dove | Crowned Lapwing | Darkcapped Bulbul | Egyptian Goose | Fish Eagle | Francolin
Go Away Bird | Ground Hornbill | Grey Heron | Guinea Fowl | Hadeda Ibis | Hamerkop | Laughing Dove
Malachite Kingfisher | Rainbird | Red-billed Hornbill | Red-billed Oxpecker | Redcrested Korhaan
Roller | Sandpiper | Spoonbill | Spotted Eagle Owl | Starling | Sunbird | Tawny Eagle | Threebanded Plover
Violetbacked Starling | Wahlberg's Eagle | White Backed Vulture | Whitefaced Duck | Woodpecker
Woodland Kingfisher | Woolyneck Stork | Yellowbilled Hornbill | Yellowbilled Stork | Yellow Weaver
Fork-tailed Drongo | Long-tailed Paradise Whydah | Long-tailed Shrike
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