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Sierra County, California

Sierra County, California

Sierra County is located astride the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range and is one of the westernmost counties in the state. It is bordered by Plumas County to the north, Yuba County to the west, Nevada County to the south and the state of Nevada to the east. The Pacific Crest Trail runs north and south through the county along the spine of the Sierra Mountains. Elevations in the high country approach 9,000 feet, but Yuba Pass at 6,700 feet is relatively low as trans-Sierra passes go. The county has extensive forests and there are numerous lakes, streams and rivers. The Yuba River is the largest river in the county and Sierra Valley is the largest valley in the entire Sierra Nevada Range. The county seat is located at Downieville. Other towns include: Alleghaney, Forest City, Goodyear's Bar, Sierra City, Calpine, Sattley, Sierraville, and Loyalton. Major Highways include: State Highways 89 and 49.

Prior to the arrival of the Euro-Americans in the nineteenth century the Maidu and Washoe Indians lived in the area that is now Sierra County. These people spent the fall and winter in the foothills and valleys and went into the mountains to hunt and fish in the spring and summer. In the mid-nineteenth century, following the discovery of gold in the central Sierras, people from all over the world emigrated to the area in search of their fortune. Mining camps and towns sprang up over night and soon thereafter farms and ranches were established to support the new towns. Lumber was needed for construction in the mines, railroads and towns, and the timber industry was established at about the same time. Late in the nineteenth century, as the roads improved, the area began attracting travelers who were in search of the beauty of nature and hunters in search of big game. There was even a form of medical treatment known as the "wilderness cure." Today the area is still attracting travellers in search of a glimpse of the past and the beauty of nature.

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