Bodega Bay

bodega bay fishing boatBodega Bay. Bodega Bay is the largest community on the Sonoma Coast. It is an important commercial fishing port and there are some excellent faciilities for pleasure boats and sport fishing. One story has it that the large natural bay was named after a Spanish sea captain. Juan Francisco de la Bodega y Cuadra, that visited the spot in 1775, just as the American revolution was getting a full head of steam up a continent away. It is the best natural shelter for marine craft in the entire area and was probably first used by the Spanish from Mexico and the Russian fur traders from the north in the eithteenth and nineteenth centuries. The Spanish settlers established large warehouses called bodegas in Spanish and some believe that the current name derives from these storage buildings that supported trade along the coast of California. 

A long winding channel leads from the open sea past Bodega Head, to several developed marinas tucked in along the long shoreline. Each year the commercial fishing industry brings in to Bodega Bay about twelve million pounds of marine product valued at over seven million dollars. Today sea urchin is the largest single component in volume and value but crab, salmon, and swordfish together make up over half of the value of the catch. As you drive along the coastline you will frequently see the fishermen at work just off shore. As you dine in the restaurants of the area make sure that you check out the "fresh catch of the day" on the menu.

Outdoor Activities: Sport fishing boats operate out of Bodega Bay all year long. There is a very challenging 18 hole golf course located just south of town.

Parks: There are a large number of California State and Sonoma County recreation and park facilities in the immediate area of Bodega Bay. They include boating, camping and picnicking facilities. Walking trails are plentiful.

Events: The two day Fisherman's Festival occurs in April each year.
Fireworks display in celebration of the 4th of July.
Bodega Bay Allied Arts show is held on Labor Day weekend.
Sandcastle Building Festival in September.