Marin County
Point Reyes Station

Point Reyes Station old rail road stationPoint Reyes Station. This small village is located next door to the magnificent Point Reyes National Seashore and at the end of Tomales Bay.  It is an old Railroad Town and still is important as a dairy center.  Every day at noon a great loud "moooo" can be heard as the middle of the day is celebrated in a very fitting manner. 

In the early ninteenth century life was much different in this part of the Wild Coast.  All travel was by foot or horse and carriage.  Remember that the first European settlement did not occur until the middle of the century.  It was not until 1875 that a railroad was pushed through from Sausalito in the South to Monte Rio, Cazadero, Point Reyes Station flowersand Duncan's Mills to the North.  One of the more important stops on the line was then called Olema Junction, later to be known as Point Reyes Station.  During the week lumber and dairy products moved toward San Francisco and on the weekend vacationers moved toward the camp sites along the Wild Coast.  Each weekend for almost fifty years thirty passenger cars made the round trip every Saturday/Sunday.