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Twin Falls County


Twin Falls County is located in the extreme south central part of Idaho. The county seat is Twin Falls City. The 2010 census counted 77,230 residents.

Named for a dual waterfall on the Snake River, Twin Falls County was created in 1907, but it had been organized as a part of two other counties since Idaho became a state in 1890. Prior to Idaho having been admitted into the Union, Anglo-European interest in this area had pretty much been limited to fur traders and trappers operating out of Montreal and St. Louis during the nineteenth century. Wilson Price Hunt is usually given credit for having led the very first party through in 1811. The first actual settlement was Rock Creek in 1864. Population growth, however, remained slow until effective irrigation systems were introduced at the turn of the century. Milner Dam on the Snake River was completed in 1905. Agriculture developed rapidly thereafter and the county's largest urban area, Twin Falls City, became a regional agricultural center.