History of the American West

The history of the American West includes many threads that reach back into the earlier history of other lands and cultures; particularly Spain, Mexico, England, Ireland, France, Russia, China, and the indigenous peoples of pre-Hispanic California. This section of the website presents history notes that may be of interest to the traveler. Additional readings are also suggested for those interested in a more complete understanding of the relationship between the people, events and localities.

Native American Origins

The Apache Indian

The Beginnings in Spain

Spain and the Pueblo de Los Pecos

The Spanish Political Thread in California

Montalvo and Calafia - the Naming of California

The Mexican Political Thread in California

France and the Founding of St. Louis

The American Mountain Man

The Old Spanish Trail

The Chaguanosos

The Santa Fe Trail

The California Missions

The Gavilan Peak Incident

Conquest of California

Battle of San Pasqual

The Donner Party

California Gold Rush

Chileans in California

The Barbary Coast

California Statehood

Slavery in California

The Chinese in California

California's Governors


Utah - the Struggle for Resources

Mountain Meadows Massacre

Personalities in the History of the American West

"History is the interpretation of the
significance that the past has for us."

Johan Huizinga