Biographical Notes
Joaquin Murieta in Chile

In Chile the Legend of Joaquin Murieta has him born in the small town of Quillota, twenty miles from Valparaiso. Like the other variations on the theme, this version of the legend was drawn ultimately from John Rollin Ridge's 1854 novel entitled The Life and Adventures of Joaquin Murieta, Celebrated California Bandit. In 1859 the California Police Gazette printed a version of the same story. The Police Gazette story was translated into Spanish and that version was subsequently translated into French. The French version was translated back into Spanish by Roberto Hynne who claimed to have been in California during the gold rush. The Hynne version had Joaquin born in Chile rather than Mexico and made him the champion of the Chilenos working in the gold fields. Later Pablo Neruda wrote an opera in Spanish entitled Fulgor y Muerta de Jaoquin Murieta.(The Splendor and Death of Joaquin Murieta.) Neruda was a well-known Communist and his opera was written as an Anti-American protest.